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  AFFILIATE INFORMATION - Frequently Asked Questions
  Why should I join the affiliate program? That's simple. Join to make MONEY!! As an affiliate of you will have the ability to earn commissions immediately.
  How does the program work? You direct traffic from your web site to through product banners or text links. You will receive commission on total monthly sales at the following rates:
  • Linkshare: 6.5% commission on total monthly sales
  What does it cost to join? There is no cost to you. IT'S FREE! It is that easy.
  Who tracks my sales? Our affiliate program records all transactions that we receive from your site. As an affiliate you will have access to information including net sales, click-throughs, commissions, etc. This is a great marketing tool.
  Who do I contact with questions? For questions on the Linkshare affiliate program, click here.
  Can I become an affiliate outside of the United States? Yes. We offer our affiliate program worldwide. All transactions and commissions are in US dollars. Commissions are paid monthly.
  When can I start? Right now!
Linkshare Affiliate Program: Click here to join.