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Our Review System was created to improve the quality and selection of our items through customer experience and product knowledge. It also benefits fellow customers in choosing products that fit their needs.

How to Access the Review System

Access the Review System directly below the main product image or in the “Reviews” tab. Select “Review this Product.”

Next Step – Logging In

In order to enter your review you will next need to enter your e-mail address. If this is your first time, you will need to create a login. Your e-mail address will remain confidential and will not be shown on your review. It simply gives us the ability to reach you, if necessary.

Logging into the review system
Logging in to the Review System

Rate Products: 1-5 Stars

After logging in with your e-mail address, you will proceed to the Product Review Rating System. Three steps let you share how you feel about the product using a “point and click” star rating system, recommendation probability and an anonymous review nickname.

Rating a Product
The "My Product Rating" section

Additional Product Information

The next section enables you to write an extended review with information that further benefits both and our customers. These include the following:

  • Features you like and dislike
  • Challenges you experienced
  • Beneficial enhancements that could be made

Writing a Review
The "My Review" section

Please note: If you are having a customer service issue, please contact Customer Service by live chat, e-mail, or phone at 1-866-923-5050.

Enhance Your Review with Cool Photos and Video

If you have pictures or video footage documenting your user experience with a product, we would love to see it! Our new Review System enables you to share with us and our customers.

The "Share Relevant Photos and Video" section

Preview and Submit

Preview ButtonTo preview and submit your completed review, click the Preview button at the bottom of the “Write a Review” window.

Everyone Wins When You Submit a Review!

Taking the time to complete a review does the following:

  • Informs us of things we can improve
  • Helps fellow customers choose appropriate products based on your experience
  • Provides an opportunity for you to become involved in our social networking community