Rawlings Big Stick Composite Wood Bat


Rawlings Big Stick Composite Wood Bats

Twice The Durability

With a larger hitting surface and increased sweetspot, Rawlings' Big Sticks were created for athletes who can swing with a heavier barrel resulting in maximum power at the plate. Rawlings Big Stick composite wood bats are constructed from eco-friendly bamboo and the strongest maple wood available, and feature a balanced weight distribution for an improved swing speed. Designed to last, these bats are 2X more durable than previous models. Rawlings utilizes the most durable portion of the bamboo located at the base of the plant to construct the bat's handle and middle taper area.

Rawlings Big Stick Composite Wood Bats feature:

  • Bamboo handle and middle taper creates twice the durability as previous models
  • Big Stick® barrel size (2.5" or over) = larger hitting surface and sweet spot
  • Pro cupped end provides a great swing to weight ratio
  • Tough and responsive maple wood in the barrel
  • Slightly end loaded swing weight
  • 19/20" handle
  • BBCOR certified
  • 90-Day Warranty

This product is no longer available

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