Rawlings Big Stick I13 Birch Wood Bat


Rawlings Big Stick I13 Birch Wood Bat

Larger Hitting Surface

Rawlings Big Stick I13 birch wood bats feature flame treated birch wood. The flame-treating process not only creates a distinct and classic finish on the bat, but it also burns off raised dead wood fibers leaving only the hardest, most responsive wood behind. The Big Stick Series is designed for players who can swing with a heavier barrel. With a larger hitting surface and increased sweet spot, Big Stick wood bats are in a league of their own.

Rawlings Big Stick I13 Birch Wood Bats feature:

  • Flame treated birch burns off dead wood fibers leaving the hardest, most responsive wood behind
  • Big Stick® barrel size (2.5" or over) = larger hitting surface and sweet spot
  • Ultra thin tac grip for enhanced feel
  • Cupped end to improve balance
  • 15/16" handle

This product is no longer available

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