Easton Legacy Elite 12.75" Baseball Glove


Easton Legacy Elite 12.75" Baseball Glove

Gap Closing, Fly Catcher

Outfielders will love wearing the Easton Legacy Elite 12.75" Baseball Glove. It features a durable H-web design that increases glove stability and ball control as you chase down balls hit in the gap, and provides a way to shield your eyes on high flies in the sun without taking your eye off the ball. Its single welt construction creates a double deep pocket, and with features like soft sheepskin lining and cushioned slots for your pinky and thumb, this baseball glove will handle the line drives, ground balls and high flies heading your way so you keep your opponents off the bases.

Easton Legacy Elite 12.75" Baseball Glove feature:

  • Constructed with JAPAN RESERVE™ leather
  • Hand oiled PRIMASOFT™ sheepskin lining provides ultimate comfort and control
  • Cushioned pinky and thumb loops create an ideal fit and feel
  • Rolled leather welting provides glove stability and support
  • Single welt creates a double deep pocket
  • USA tanned professional rawhide lace for maximum durability
  • H-web design
  • Best suited for outfielders
  • Open back
  • 1-Year Warranty

This product is no longer available

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