Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 206 Wing 11.75" Baseball Glove


Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 206 Wing 11.75" Baseball Glove

Better Glove Control

This Rawlings Heart of the Hide baseball glove features a Pro H™ web pattern, which gives increased stability and glove control while allowing the player to look through the webbing to shield their eyes from the sun and lights on those high pop flies. This glove is primarily an infielders glove, especially for those on the left side and works best at the 3rd base position.

  • Heart of the Hide traditional leather shell is soft and supple
  • Deer tanned cowhide "plus" palm lining for strength, comfort, and durability
  • Soft leather finger back linings provide exceptional comfort
  • Thermoformed moisture-wicking wrist pad
  • USA-tanned leather lacing for durability
  • Rolled leather welting
  • Authentic pro patterns
SIZE 11.75"
BREAK-IN 30% Factory, 70% Player

"The tried and true of the Rawlings brand. The HOH® line also offers our most unique colorways."
RYAN FARRAR, Product Specialist - RAWLINGS

Pro H™ Web

The Pro H™ web is commonly used by infielders to help snag and retrieve the ball more quickly. This web pattern is typically more sturdy and flexible, and allows infielders to see through the webbing at high and fly balls. Can also be used by outfielders.

Pro H Web

This product is no longer available

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