Bat Care Tips

After purchasing a shiny new bat, you want to make sure it continues to look good and perform at a high level for as long as you use it. But it’s not entirely up to the bat; it’s also up to you to take proper care of it. The good news is it’s relatively easy. A few things to remember:

KEEP IT OUT OF THE COLD: Cold weather hurts bats so try to keep them in temperatures 50° and up. Also, keep them out of car trunks: the end caps are made of plastic and can expand/contract based on changing temperatures.

ROTATE 1/4” AFTER EACH SWING: This ensures you’re breaking in the entire circumference of the barrel and not wearing down one area more than another. It might be inconvenient at first, but once you get in the habit it’s not so bad, and it will add life to your bat.

DON’T TAP YOUR SPIKES: Many players get into the habit of tapping their bat against their cleats to get the dirt out. The metal, plastic, or even rubber that cleats may contain could be harmful to your bat.