BBCOR Bat Review

Having success at the plate partly depends on swinging the right bat, one that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and capable of crushing anything that comes through the zone. In 2017, there are plenty of bats to choose from, each one offering something different. We're here to explain just what those differences are so you can decide which bat is best for you. Because the sooner you know, the sooner you can get it in your hands and start practicing with it.

Marucci Cat 7

"We gathered feedback, went back to the drawing board and designed a better looking, better feeling, and better performing bat.”
-Ryder Dupuis, Marucci

Marucci Cat 7 BBCOR Baseball Bat

Cat 7 is made from AZ4X alloy, the strongest alloy in Marucci’s arsenal. It also has a more responsive, optimized barrel to create a sweet spot twice as large as its predecessor, Cat 6. It’s a clean and consistent swing every time up, no surprises. If hitters know what they can expect from their bat, they can more easily stick to their approach and concentrate on the next pitch. That’s what Cat 7 users like: predictability, structure, and the comfort of a routine.



"With this bat, no worries when stepping to the plate. You’re going to feel comfortable in the box.”
-Jim Glueckert, Mizuno

Mizuno Covert BBCOR Baseball Bat

Covert is like bat therapy: it’s designed to make hitters feel comfortable in the box. It combines Hot Metal™ aluminum alloy with CORTECH™, which adjusts wall thickness along the barrel to create a 35% larger sweet spot and a whole lot of forgiveness. So for hitters who are slightly unsettled at the plate, there is nothing to fear. In Covert, you’ve got a bat that’s fast, powerful, and easy to swing. Trust us, after a couple of “sessions” at the plate, you’ll be feeling much better.