Easton Mens Mako Sliding Shorts


Easton Mens Mako Baseball Sliding Shorts

Protection From Scrapes And Bruises

Wearing a pair of Easton Mens Mako Baseball Sliding Shorts will give your body the best protection on the baseball field whether sliding to a base or diving for a ball in the field. With compression fit and advanced materials to absorb shock, reduce abrasion, and manage airflow, the Mako shorts are the perfect choice for aggressive ballplayers. And without scrapes and bruises on your legs, your next at-bat will be a lot more comfortable.

Easton Mens Mako Baseball Sliding Shorts feature:

  • Designed with abrasion resistant Sealon that reduces friction when you hit the dirt
  • Features a bonded back layer to absorb impact
  • Compression fit helps muscles recover faster
  • Strategically positioned mesh inserts keep your legs cool with airflow
  • Integrated cup pocket - Cup is included

Get In The Game With Easton Baseball

This product is no longer available

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