Baseball Glove Care Tips

You have to remember that a majority of gloves are full-grain leather, or animal skin. So they will wear down over time, but you can slow that process considerably and keep it performing well for many seasons if you properly care for it. Here’s a few tips:

BREAK IT IN NATURALLY: The best way to break in your glove is play ball with it. Don’t soak it, bake it, beat it, or put it in the microwave. That’s just abusive!

CLEAN AND CONDITION: After each use, wipe the dirt off with a soft cloth or brush and store the glove in a dry place at room temperature. Every so often use a damp cloth to apply a small amount of leather cleaner and wipe the entire glove with it. Remove the cleaner with another damp cloth and allow to air dry. Then rub in a small amount of leather conditioner. Again, store in a dry place at room temperature.

KEEP IT DRY: If your glove gets wet, dry it off with a clean, absorbent rag and let it naturally air dry. Do not blow dry it, put it near a furnace vent or in the dryer because it could dry the leather to the point it might crack. If you find the leather has stiffened after you’ve allowed it to air dry, apply modest amounts of leather conditioner to soften it.

PROTECT THE INSIDE: Sweat and dirt from your hands can wreak havoc on the inside of your glove, so protect it by wearing a light batting glove out in the field.

RESHAPE YOUR GLOVE: Once a season place a softball in the pocket of your glove and wrap it with a binder. Tighten or re-tie the laces in the fingers and the web. If you find any broken laces, have them repaired as soon as possible.

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The WebGem Glove Care System