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BBCOR And Why You Might Need A New Bat in 2012
As a safety measure for pitchers, infielders and fans the NCAA & NFHS recently made a rule change that requires non-wood bats to meet the new BBCOR standard. This means your current bat may be illegal. To find out if your bat meets the new criteria look for the BBCOR compliance mark which is on all bats that meet the new standard.

Start Training Early: The New Bats Are Different

With BBCOR bats being made to react more like wood now is none to soon to start practicing with a new conforming bat. According to research conducted by ESPN Sport Science the sweet spot of the new BBCOR bats is estimated to be about 2 inches smaller and on average balls leave the bats 5% slower than the old non-conforming bats. When factoring in pitch speed, bat speed and launch angle this 5% decrease can turn a 400 ft home run off an old bat into a 375 ft long fly ball off a BBCOR bat. By training with it now you'll become accustomed to the distinctive performance and feel and ensure you'll have confidence in your new hitting tool for next season.

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