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Tee Ball Equipment Recomendations

If your child is going to have the best tee ball experience, he or she is going to need the right equipment. At the very least, tee ball players should have a bat, glove, and helmet. Let's start with how to choose the right bat. You'll notice each tee ball bat has a negative number in parentheses. That's the drop (or the length minus the weight). The higher the drop, the lower the weight, and the easier the bat is to swing. Below are a few suggestions, or you can shop all Tee Ball Bats. After you've chosen a bat, you're on your way! For more info about other tee ball equipment you might need, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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Hey there! As promised, here are a few more pieces of equipment, and tips, to ensure you and your child have everything you need for tee ball season:

Glove: Tee ball gloves, like regular baseball gloves, are measured from the heel of the glove (just below the palm) to the top of the glove (just above the index finger). They typically run from 9 to 10”. Don’t purchase a glove that’s too big (or one the child will grow into). This can make it more difficult for him/her to close the glove and catch the ball. The game can be tough for young kids, especially when they’re just learning. Don’t make it tougher! In fact, we recommend this for all youth equipment. Make sure it fits your child now to give them the best chance to succeed.

Helmet: The batting helmet should fit snugly without squeezing the head. It should not move when the head is turned side-to-side, or fall forward over the eyes. It should be easy to take on and off.

Bag: We also recommend a baseball bag so you and/or your child can carry all that gear easily. For tee ball, it doesn’t have to be big or loaded with features. A simple bat pack or equipment bag will do.

Tee/Balls: If your child wants to practice at home, you could also purchase a tee and a pack of RIF (Reduced Injury Factor) baseballs. It would be a fun way to spend time with your child, teach him/her a few things, and watch him/her improve. The extra time could make him/her a little stud on the diamond!

Remember, tee ball is all about introducing youngsters to a great game, learning the fundamentals, and having fun! Make sure they get started on the right foot by giving them the equipment they need not just to play well but to get excited about playing. You never know, this could be the beginning of a long and successful career!