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Youth Batting Gloves

If you want a great relationship at home with your bat, then choosing the right pair of batting gloves is important. That is why we carry a great selection of youth batting gloves for your baseball or softball player from the brands the pro's demand like Easton, Franklin, Louisville Slugger, Mizuno and Rawlings. Batting gloves are designed to reduce slippage through an increased grip on the bat, as well as provide an extra level of protection for your hands, whether from bat vibrations or abrasions when sliding into a base. So get an extra boost of confidence at the plate with the right batting gloves from Baseball Savings. Check out some tips at the bottom of this page to help you select the right size and provide the proper care for the best performance.

The right pair of batting gloves offer increased grip, extra comfort and protection whether at the plate or in the field. Here are some ground rules to consider as your young slugger continues to grow and develop their hitting skills:

Sizing: Not all batting gloves are created equal. You want your batting glove to be snug, yet comfortable. Loose fitting batting gloves can lead to slippage on the bat, while gloves that are too tight can hinder your swinging motion. To find your correct size, measure your dominant hand from the base of the palm to the tip of your middle, or longest, finger. Then match this measurement to the appropriate batting glove size chart.

Material/Construction: Higher quality, more expensive gloves are made with various kinds of leather, such as cowhide, goatskin or sheepskin. While gloves from synthetic materials are typically less expensive, leather offers a more natural feel and leather palms provide better grip. Many styles combine leather palms with nylon or other synthetic materials on the back of the hand for improved breathability and comfort. In areas where gloves tend to tear, such as the thumb crease or fingertips, many styles offer reinforced materials such as nylon, polyurethane, or elastane for more flexibility. Other construction features you might consider include pre-curved fingers that follow the natural curve of the hand, extra padding in the palm, or a molded hand shield for back-of-hand protection.

Cleaning/Care: Taking proper care for your batting gloves can affect their performance, as a build-up of dirt and sweat can have a negative effect on their performance. Though you can machine wash synthetic gloves, for the best results do not put your gloves in a washer or dryer. Use a soft cloth, using warm water and soap or alcohol-free detergent, to remove excess dirt and debris from the glove exterior and interior. Hang dry your gloves, keeping them out of direct sunlight. Avoid using baby wipes or cleaning wipes that are not specifically marked for use on leather.


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